Agency With Choice

Agency with Choice Services offers the most support to individuals or responsible parties choosing to direct their own services.

Summit Fiscal Agency offers Agency with Choice Services for self-directed programs for individuals receiving Consumer Support Grant (CSG) or funding under the following waiver types in most counties: Developmental Disability (DD) waiver, Elderly (EW) waiver, Community Alternatives Care (CAC), Community Access for Disability Inclusion (CADI), and Brain Injury (BI). We also offer Agency with Choice Services to enrollees of Minnesota Disabilities Health Options (MnDHO) and Minnesota Senior Health Options (MnSHO).

Under this model, Summit Fiscal Agency is the Common Law Employer and the Employer of Record and the consumer or consumer representative is the Managing Party. This is a dual employer arrangement.

Summit Fiscal Agency fulfills all state and federal requirements of an employer such as maintenance of worker’s compensation and liability insurance coverage, funding reports, all payroll responsibilities, and maintenance of employee files. Criminal background checks are routinely conducted on all employees as a condition of hire, the fee for which is built into Summit Fiscal Agency’s monthly administrative fee.

Through the Agency with Choice model, consumers are given the freedom to identify staff of their choosing, which Summit will then hire and provide orientation to. Summit Fiscal Agency supplies fundamental human resources functions and all needed forms for hiring employees.

The Managing Party retains responsibilities such as training and supervising employees, supervising consumer program implementation, assuring accuracy of employees’ timesheets and providing Summit Fiscal Agency with completed employee paperwork, reimbursement requests, and required documentation in accordance to established processing schedules.

As part of Summit Fiscal Agency’s FSE services, we will manage purchase of goods and non-employee services. Summit Fiscal Agency offers consumers flexibility in determining the most convenient, efficient means of paying vendors. Summit Fiscal Agency is equipped to either reimburse participants directly for approved services already purchased, or will pay vendors directly for approved services through waiver or grant funds, assuming supporting documentation is provided by way of receipt or invoice, as appropriate. Summit will also maintain information documenting qualifications of service providers as required.

Summit Fiscal Agency’s responsibility under this model includes billing as the enrolled Medical Assistance provider, and verifying documentation of allowable expenditures. We can provide technical assistance regarding employee and budget issues. Our employees enthusiastically work with families and case managers to analyze and support utilization within resource allocations. Summit Fiscal Agency also provides tracking, monitoring and reporting consumer use of waiver or grant allocations.

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