Fiscal Support Entity

Fiscal Support Entity (FSE) services allow the person receiving the services optimum control over service authorization while meeting the legal requirements for the distribution of public funds.

Summit Fiscal Agency, a Fiscal Support Entity (FSE), functions to support individuals in directing and managing their own services by providing the fiscal support necessary to access funds for implementation of a support plan that is tailored to the individual; created by the individual.

Summit Fiscal Agency can offer Fiscal Support Entity (FSE) services for self-directed programs for individuals receiving Consumer/Family Support Grant (CSG/FSG) or funding under the following waiver types in most counties: Developmental Disability (DD) waiver, Elderly (EW) waiver, Community Alternatives Care (CAC), Community Alternatives for Disabled Individuals (CADI), and Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI). We also offer Fiscal Support Entity services to enrollees of Minnesota Disabilities Health Options (MnDHO), Minnesota Senior Health Options (MnSHO).

Summit Fiscal Agency’s delivery reflects the reliability and versatility believed essential for quality self-directed services; carrying out financial and technical support without influencing consumer choice. As the FSE, Summit acts as a monetary bridge between the waiver or grant allocation and the individual recipient, channeling their funds to obtain the authorized goods, services, and staffing supports they choose.

  • Individuals and families utilize Summit Fiscal Agency for support with:
  • Payroll and tax administration
  • Accessing available funding to obtain goods, services, or staffing support
  • Managing and monitoring spending compliance
  • Recruitment, screening, hiring and training of support staff, including back ground checks
  • Insurance acquisition and benefit administration

Fiscal Support Entity services include billing the Minnesota Information Technology System (MN-ITS). Summit Fiscal Agency is an enrolled Medical Assistance provider with extensive experience managing this system. Fiscal Support Services also include providing access, through billing and expense check processing, to funding for goods, services and adaptations.

Our primary focus is providing quality services and enhancing the lives of the people we serve. We feel that our program gives families and loved ones the comfort, respect, and enrichment they deserve. Since 2001 when Summit Fiscal Agency began providing FSE services, our services have proven to be flexible, innovative, and family oriented.

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