Payroll Agent Services

With Payroll Agency Services you have autonomy as the Common Law Employer with Summit Fiscal Agency providing administrative support.

Summit Fiscal Agency offers Payroll Agent Services for self-directed programs for individuals receiving Consumer Support Grant (CSG) or funding under the following waiver types in most counties: Developmental Disability (DD) waiver, Elderly (EW) waiver, Community Alternatives Care (CAC), Community Access for Disability Inclusion (CADI), and Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI). We also offer Payroll Agent Services to enrollees of Minnesota Disabilities Health Options (MnDHO), Minnesota Senior Health Options (MnSHO).

Payroll Agent Model allows for independence and self-direction while having Summit Fiscal Agency assist with some of the employer responsibility and obtainment of proper insurance. This model establishes the consumer or consumer’s representative as the Common Law Employer of in-home staff. The Common Law Employer is responsible for hiring, training, supervising, evaluating and discharging employees. Summit Fiscal Agency is not the employer. The consumer or consumer’s representative is the employer. The Common Law Employer is accountable for compliance with all applicable federal and state employment laws.

Summit Fiscal Agency will provide administrative support by providing all the forms and information necessary to become an employer and manage employees. We will assist you in completing all employer paperwork and in obtaining proper insurance and workers compensation. Summit Fiscal Agency is your agent to provide wage payment to your employees, payment of payroll taxes, processing of employment related information and record keeping.

Summit Fiscal Agency’s responsibility under this model includes billing as the enrolled Medical Assistance provider, and verifying documentation of allowable expenditures. We can provide technical assistance regarding employee and budget issues. Our employees enthusiastically work with families and case managers to analyze and support utilization within resource allocations. Summit Fiscal Agency also provides tracking, monitoring and reporting consumer use of waiver or grant allocations.

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